Westinghouse SURE

An organization to enrich and enhance your retirement journey…

Join us at Westinghouse SURE – where Westinghouse Alumni are united through Member & Community Services – to stay engaged in
these 3 important pillars of your retirement life!

Who We Are…

Once united as dedicated Westinghouse employees, Westinghouse SURE is a vibrant community of retirees and alumni from Westinghouse organizations.  The all-volunteer SURE organization maintains the strong connection forged during our working years through Staying Connected services.  In addition, SURE offers Retirement Knowledge & Support programs, and encourages and enables participation in various Community Service and volunteer initiatives for those of our members that wish to do so.

Where We Started…

Established in 1989 as a non-profit, self-supporting organization in Western PA, Westinghouse SURE welcomes former employees of Westinghouse companies and successor companies, along with their spouses, regardless of their current location.

Our organization continues to grow and evolve: In addition to expanding efforts to keep retirees connected and knowledgeable throughout retirement, we've initiated the formation of local SURE Chapters in areas with concentrations of Westinghouse Alumni and Retirees, such as South Carolina and Florida. This ensures that members nationwide can enjoy the full benefits of Westinghouse SURE membership.

What We Do...

SURE’s hallmark has been a commitment to volunteerism, an aspect that continues to impress and strengthen.  However, in response to today’s retiree needs, SURE has evolved to expand our focus on Member needs; providing services and activities which include many retirement, educational, social, and travel options for our members to utilize and enjoy.

Differing from the past, today’s retirees are geographically dispersed and challenged to manage a myriad of retirement topics individually and independently; from Medicare, Social Security, and pension matters, as well as never-ceasing medical, financial, and technology changes.  In response to these challenges, SURE has renewed its value proposition around the 3 key pillars outlined above:

Staying Connected; Retirement Support; and Community Service.

      Join us at Westinghouse SURE to stay engaged in
      these 3 important pillars of your retirement life!

      First year membership is COMPLIMENTARY – and continuing members pay only a nominal amount per year (including spouses).  Annual dues are used to support Member Activities, Newsletter Printing and Distribution, Volunteer Recognition, and other Operational Costs.
      Westinghouse SURE – a 501(c)3 non-profit organization – has never had paid employees and continues to this day to be 100% retiree-run and staffed by volunteers.

      If you’re thinking about joining us, please do! 

      You can learn more about Westinghouse SURE by visiting our website - SURE Connections (www.WestinghouseSURE.org) - and while you’re there, you can become a member (first year is complimentary!) by simply clicking on the “Join Us” tab on our Home Page and filling out the online application. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Kerry Hanahan, Director - Membership, at kerrybhanahan@gmail.com

      Westinghouse SURE Vision & Mission

      Our vision: To honor the legacy of George Westinghouse by cultivating community service and building shared friendships and experiences among fellow W Alumni.

      Our mission: Service Uniting Retired Employees – fostering a sense of “community” through shared social activities, shared retirement educational services, and shared volunteering opportunities. To serve our communities as a charitable organization through volunteering by members and philanthropic support to approved charitable organizations; to serve our members by offering services and activities. 

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